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Inquirers\' Classes
At St. Innocent Orthodox Church we offer various levels of education for those interested in learning more about the Orthodox Christian faith. Before formal catechism we offer inquirer classes. Inquirers' Classes by nature give an overarching picture of what Orthodox Christians believe.  Currently these classes are broke up into five parts which cover: The Mystery of the Trinity, The Mystery of Creation, The Mystery of Salvation, The Mystery of the Incarnation, and the Mystery of the Church. Each class is around an hour long. This particular series is taught by Dr. Gary Cox a professor of history at Gordon College in Barnesville, GA.  
Disclaimer:  Obviously, language is subtle and it is easy to misspeak especially when discussing theology. We do our best to represent the Orthodox Christian faith clearly but like all humans we fall short some times.  There is always more to learn when it comes to life in Christ.  
Class 1 Introduction

To listen our download please click here.

Class 2 - The Holy Trinity, Sources of Doctrine

Listen or download by clicking here.

Class 3 Introduction to the Mystery of Creation
Class 4 Introduction to the Mystery of Salvation

You can listen to or download this class by clicking here.

Class 5 Introduction to the Mystery of the Incarnation
Class 6 Introduction to the Mystery of the Church
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