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Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Lord God Almighty, Holy King! Look down from heaven and see how the rulers of this age plot to set nation against nation and brother against brother, how all mankind trembles with fear and dread at the present pernicious violence and shiver with despair at the new and most terrible calamities that will likely ensue.

O God of compassion! Have mercy on Your creatures; forgive our sins and lawlessness, by which many sorrows, disasters, and terrors have come upon us. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, gently tend the parched hearts of men, which have become overgrown with the thorns of self-love, jealousy, enmity, and mendacity.

May Your burning love grow in us, and may all quarrels and dissensions, fratricidal conflicts and wars be destroyed by it. May all peoples not only confess peace with their mouths, but love it with all their hearts, courageously laying down the instruments of war, and thoughtfully taking up the instruments of peace, and engaging solely in the work of peace.

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