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4th Annual Bible and BBQ

Taste of St. Innocent 4th Annual Bible and BBQ - 10/26/14

On Saturday October 25th 2014 we had our 4th annual Bible and BBQ. Our guest speaker this year was Fr. Barnabas Powell who spoke on "Timeless Wisdom to Tame the Passons." It was a beautiful and informative day!

You can listen or download his talks here and here.

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Clergy Choir Appreciation Day!

Clergy Choir Appreciation Day! - 10/19/14

On Sunday October 19th Allen and Leann Almquist hosted the annual clergy and choir appreciation day.  The food, fellowship and gifts were great!

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St. Innocent's feast day!

St. Innocent's feast day! - 10/05/14

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The Universal Exaltation of the Cross

The Universal Exaltation of the Life-Giving Cross - 09/14/14

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Pentecost - 06/08/14

On Sunday June 8th we celebrated the Great Feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

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Pascha Party

Pascha Party! - 04/19/14

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Great and Holy Pascha!

Great and Holy Pascha! - 04/20/14

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Holy Week

Holy Week - 04/18/14

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - 04/13/14

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10 Year Anniversary of Consecration

10 Year Anniversary of Consecration - 02/16/14

On Sunday February 16th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary of consecration.  After the Divine Liturgy we had a prayer service of thanksgiving and then celebrated with a feast.  Thank you to all those who were able to make it and especially all those who have contributed to the success of St. Innocent Church. May God Grant us many, many more prosperous years of spreading God's Kingdom in Macon Georgia.  

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Eric and Lee's Wedding

Eric and Lee's wedding - 02/09/14

On February 9th we were honored to unite Eric and Lee in the Sacrament of Marriage. These pictures were taken by Roger Idenden.  

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Theophany 2014

Theophany 2014 - 01/05/14

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