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Men's Fellowship Retreat

We had a great turn out and a great time at our annual Men's Fellowship Retreat at Firecracker Ranch. There is nothing like some down time to get to know each other and chase the children with a drone:) #churchasfamily #churchfamily #men #fellowship #firepit #fire #fellowship

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Many Years to our newly illumined!

On Saturday, June 18 we received 15 people into the Orthodox Church. Congratulations to our newly illumined families, May God grant you many years!

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Dauset Trails family day

On Sunday, June 5th we headed out to Dauset Trails with our kids for a guided tour of the park. Reptiles were a favorite! A big thanks goes out or Ray and Fr. Thaddeus who organized this fun event. 

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Agape Vespers and Pascha Party

Christ is Risen! Some pictures from our Agape Vespers and Pascha Party. The table was heavy-laden. We have the best egg hunts and what a wonderful time of fun and fellowship!

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Great and Holy Pascha 2022!

Christ is Risen! Great and Holy Pascha 2022! Joy, beauty, worshipful, exuberant, there are so many words for our experience as we worship our Lord's resurrection on the third day.

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Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy

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Holy Friday Bier Decoration and Vespers

Our young ladies gathered to decorate the tomb of Christ on Holy Friday so it would be ready for our beautiful Vespers services. 

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Holy Saturday Matins

Holy Saturday Matins with Lamentations at Christ's tomb

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Holy Friday Matins

Service of the 12 Passion Gospel readings

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Holy Wednesday Unction

Holy Wednesday Unction Service

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Palm Sunday

What a beautiful and fun day at church as we celebrated Our Lord's entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). In the end, we also had chaos as we tried to herd our children for a Palm Sunday picture.

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Ladies Tea

Thank you to everyone who came to our first-ever Ladies Lenten Tea!  Diana Gratigny gave a fascinating presentation about growing & making tea and we enjoyed great fellowship.  It was a jolly good time!

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Lenten Retreat

We were blessed to have a Lenten Retreat with Fr. Stephen Freeman on the second weekend of Lent. Fr. Stephen gave the homily on Sunday and two talks which are linked here.
- God is with us! https://youtu.be/aTCp1tHwBNY
- Shame and the Poetic Language of the Liturgy: https://youtu.be/kzWP4NNHs7Y
- The Eucharistic Life of the Cross: https://youtu.be/uvnlO2a7HgU

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Great Lent

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Praying for Peace

Praying for Peace in Ukraine. May God have mercy on those suffering. May God bring this conflict to a speedy end. https://incommunion.org/2022/02/14/moleben-for-peace/

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Candles and Catechumens

Annual Parish Meeting 2022
Theophany 2022

Theophany Vigil, the great blessing of the waters, and our blessing of the Ocmulgee River at Amerson River Park. What a beautiful feast.

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