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Agape Vespers and Pascha Party!

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Great and Holy Pascha! Christ is Risen!

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Holy Week

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Palm Sunday!

A beautiful celebration of Palm Sunday!

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Pan-Orthodox Vespers at Holy Cross

We are grateful to our gracious hosts tonight as we shared in a beautiful Pan-Orthodox Vespers with Holy Cross. There was lovely company, delicious food, and a deep-felt unity throughout the service and dinner that followed.

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New Iconography

Iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko is finally installing the first phase of the temple iconography after many years of anticipation. This project is being completed with a lot of volunteer effort from our community. Dn designed the scaffolding. Columba Croft, and the men of the parish spent a full day putting it up. A few people have even helped paint some of the ornamentation. Vladimir and his wife, Olga, are a pleasure to have at St. Innocent.

You can see our WMAZ interview here.

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Firepit and fellowship

On a Saturday evening, we built a fire pit and gathered for Vespers. Afterwards, we grilled food, made s'mores, and enjoyed each other's company.

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Many Years to Gary Cox

We recently bid farewell to Dr. Gary Cox as he moves closer to his family. Dr. Gary is one of the original founders of our mission and has always been a great support and leader in our community. Over the years, he has shared many talents with our community such as leading prayers and worship, participating in the choir, and writing. Gary wrote much of what was on our initial website and our 20th-anniversary magazine. He also worked as a teacher and catechist and led church tours, classes, and Church School. Gary served as Parish Council Chair and contributed to many committees. He is a faithful Orthodox Christian. 

If St. Innocent is your parish home or if you found Orthodoxy or Christ here, it's because God works through people to build up His Church. Therefore, we are grateful for the time Gary spent with us and ask God to bless him in this new chapter of his life.

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Theophany River Blessing

It's always a wonderful time celebrating Holy Theophany by blessing the Ocmulgee River at Amerson River Park. This year featured the cross getting hung up in a tree! 

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