Taste of St. Innocent, Barbeque and Bible event 2011 - 10/22/11

On Saturday, October 22nd, St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Macon, GA held its first annual open house event called "A Taste of St. Innocent Orthodox Church." This event was not a fundraiser but rather an opportunity for the surrounding community to come and learn about Orthodoxy and experience our hospitality.  Being that we are in the South, and it has been said that Macon is the "buckle" of the "Bible Belt", we decided to offer two irresistible treats to our surrounding community.  We offered free, home made, real, southern style smoked barbeque and a talk given by Bp. Mark Maymon, on the History and formation of the Canon of Scripture. In short, "Barbecue and the Bible."  We also gave educational church tours.  We ended up serving over over 200 people.  By God's grace, strength and direction we hope to build off of this first event so that we can begin to help people in our local community experience the beauty of our Orthodox faith and most importantly, the love and hospitality of our Lord.