At St. Innocent Orthodox Church, we seek to make Jesus Christ and His Gospel the center of everything we do,

glorifying God in the beauty of our worship and carefully preserving the faith practices of the Early Church, which was born at Pentecost. We press toward the goal of becoming more like our Lord and Savior, desiring to love and care for one another and for those in the wider community. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, we pray that our parish would become a life-giving spring of the Orthodox Christian faith for the people of Middle Georgia.

In the Orthodox Church, we often hear the beckoning words of Philip as he talked to Nathaniel (John 1:46):  “come and see.”    Many have called Orthodoxy a ‘sensory’ experience, worship in which all our senses take part.  We invite you to “come and see”; come and experience. Come and hear the Scriptures sung by our own a cappella choir. Smell the fragrant incense as it lifts our prayers to God.  See the Gospel come alive in our iconography.  Experience the beauty of ancient Orthodox architecture.  And most importantly, make a life-changing connection with Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

"The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman.  It isn't non-denominational, it is pre-denominational.  It has  believed, taught, preserved, defended, and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago."

Exterior Photo was taken in 2010