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Schedule of Services
9:40am - 3rd & 6th Hours
10:00am - Divine Liturgy
11:45am - Food and Fellowship
6:00pm - Daily Vespers
6:00pm - Great Vespers
6:45pm - Sacrament of Confession
Eve of Feast
6:00pm - Great Vespers or Vigil
9:00am - Great Feasts
Generally we serve the Divine Liturgy on the Great Feasts at 9:00am if it is a weekday and 10:00am if it is a Sunday.  Please check the calendar.
Great Lent & Holy Week

Clean Week - First week of Great Lent - Nightly services at 6:30pm

During Great Lent we offer Presanctified on Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm

Holy Week - We offer nightly services at 6:30pm

Be safe and always check the calendar

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